The Falcon was designed with a team of RFID engineers, manufacturing specialists, and retail veterans to deliver the highest RFID performance available for both handheld and fixed readers and provide all the necessary benefits of an electronic article surveillance hard tag. The EPC Gen 2 Falcon is the first in a series of products from CONTROLTEK that provide best in class RFID readability and EAS protection to apparel, footwear, and accessories.

Pencil Tags

CONTROLTEK’s line of Pencil hard tags are easy to attach and remove, incredibly light, and easy to store.  They are applicable across many different types of apparel and soft goods, as well as shoes, accessories, and handbags when paired with one of the lanyard options available. The tags are all available as either AM and RF, with a number of different options for detection pick rate.

Ink Tags

CONTROLTEK’s line of Ink Tags are tamper resistant and yet easy to attach and remove. The exposed ink vials are durable enough to withstand the normal wear and tear of a retail environment and send a strong signal to any potential thief to steer clear. The potential applications range from apparel to bed sheets and hand towels. Available in both AM and RF, CONTROLTEK Ink Tags offer unsurpassed visual deterrence and practical security like no other type of EAS product on the market.

Self-Alarming Tags

The self-alarming line of CONTROLTEK EAS Hard Tags offer a high level of theft detection and long battery life in sleek, compact cases designed to decrease the time required to attach and remove. Available in one, two, or three alarm variants, these tags offer tamper resistant theft deterrence that any casual thief will be quick to reconsider and the professional will learn to avoid. High end apparel, handbags, and luxury goods in general are prime candidates although any merchandise that is worth protecting will be well served by this product line. CONTROLTEK self-alarming tags are available with AM, RF, or RFID technology.