EAS Hard Tags

CONTROLTEK_Feature Image-01_EAS-hard-tagsAs loss prevention professionals, you want to create a store environment where thieves don’t feel comfortable even thinking about swiping merchandise. Shoplifters like easy targets, so it’s your responsibility to make your store a hard target. EAS Hard Tags can play a key role in this, offering theft prevention technology that serves as a deterrent both to casual and experienced thieves.

Here at CONTROLTEK ISS, we have a strong lineup of EAS Hard Tag products that are versatile enough to meet protection need for all the merchandise. At the same time, they’re easy for loss prevention experts to apply and remove. Here are our EAS offerings:

  • Falcon Hard Tag: This is CONTROLTEK’s newest addition to our hard tag family and was built from the ground up. RF, AM and RFID versions are all available in this uniquely designed and well-constructed hard tag.
  • Pencil tag with fixed or removable lanyard: Some merchandise lends itself to tagging better than others. But for items where tagging is a challenge, our pencil tag is the solution. Thanks to its slim but visible construction, the pencil tag serves a clearly visible warning to potential shoplifters while not being a hassle for store personnel in terms of application or removal.
  • Pinless lanyard tag: It’s one thing when you’re tagging items like jeans and sweaters, but how about shoes? Shoes ideally demand a tagging solution that can pass through shoelace holes, and that’s exactly what our pinless lanyard tag offers. By fusing strands of steel together, we’re able to provide customers with a tag that passes seamlessly through shoelace holes and other small openings.
  • Super pencil tag: An optimal solution for advanced detection. The ferrite here is larger than normal, which ensures enhanced detection for wide egress areas.
  • 16mm steel conical head pins

For stores that leverage EAS Hard Tags, thieves can be consistently deterred, leaving loss prevention workers to focus on more business-building tasks. Want to learn more about our product line? Contact us today.